Once you have submitted a Reservation Request Form, I will reach out to you with any questions and a request for deposit.  Please also read out health guarantee.

By placing a deposit or purchasing an animal from us, you have indicated acceptance to the following agreement and terms:

To hold the kid(s) you want until weaning, you will need to place a deposit. Once a deposit is received, it is non-refundable if you do not go through with the sale for any reason.

When placing a reservation before kids are born, you may request a certain breeding pair or be added to a wait-list if there are no goats available.  Please reach out directly to me beforehand if this is your situation.

If ALL kids are spoken for during the current season, I can put you on a free wait-list for forfeited deposits.  If a kid becomes available due to a forfeited reservation, a deposit will be requested to next on the wait-list.  Deposit must be made within 2 days, or we move to the next person on the wait-list.

When your reservation is fulfilled and your kid is fully weaned and ready to leave, full payment is due within 1 week of notification or at the time of pickup.  If final payment is not received and kid picked up within 1 week, the deposit will be forfeited and kid will be sold to the next buyer on the wait list.  Special exceptions/accommodations can be made for those traveling a far distance or arranging for transport.  Please communicate with us if this is the case. 

If your reservation/deposit is NOT fulfilled, you may roll over the reservation to the following kidding season, transfer deposit to another open reservation or request a refund.

Shipping and transportation is strictly at the buyer’s expense.  Please consider your transportation needs before making a deposit or purchasing any animal. You will be notified shortly after birth if your wait-list reservation has been fulfilled.  Most of our dam-raised kids leave our farm at 8-10 weeks old.  Please have your transportation plans in place by that time unless alternate plans have been arranged and approved by us.  We will deliver any animal in San Diego County or Southern Riverside County free of charge.  First time buyers may be requested to send pictures of their current livestock/goat facilities. 

All of our kids are dam raised as nature intended.  It’s simply how we prefer to raise our animals.  On a rare occasion, we will have a bottle-fed kid(s) available.  This is due to either an extremely large kidding number for one dam (3+), difficult kidding for the dam, or some other health related reason.   If you have a reservation/deposit placed and your kid ends up being bottle-fed, we will let you know and you can choose to continue to bottle raise the kid, or transfer your deposit to another dam-raised kid.   We totally understand the time commitment it takes to bottle-raise any animal, especially unexpectedly.

Seller reserves the right to retain any kid at any point and will refund deposit or transfer deposit to another kid.


A lot of time, money, and occasionally heartache goes into raising a healthy and happy herd.  They are just more than pets for us.  They are family and treated as such.  Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, costs to raise livestock have significantly increased.  One goat eats approximately $350-$550 just in alfalfa per year (depending on the breed).  Each milking doe requires approximately $200+ a year in grain while she is in milk.  We also supplement with bi-monthly replamin, year around free-choice loose minerals, 2-3 x's copper bolus, and kelp meal.  We do early bloodwork for biosecurity, and that costs upwards to $30 per goat.  There is so much that goes into performance herds.  The care for one goat can be upwards to $600+ per year.  This does not include water, vaccinations, vet bills, medications, fencing, infrastructure, maintenance, care for livestock guardian dogs against predators,  power for the barn, heat and bedding in the winter for kids, air circulation in the summer during heat waves in SoCal, or just basic facilities maintenance.   This also does not include the costs of DHIR, and were hoping to do linear appraisals in 2023.    And if we ever want to ever leave the farm?  Also the cost of someone with experience to care for the herd while we are away (which is never at this point).  We also spend countless hours speaking with potential new farms.  We also can spend hours with people who don't have intentions of purchase.  We have learned this the hard way over the years which is partly the reason we no longer allow farm visits (the other reason is bio-security).   So before you scoff at the prices of goats from reputable breeders and give us the run around, please keep all of this in mind.