Please also read our Sales Agreement before submitting a reservation request form:


Health Guarantee as Follows:

  • We only sell animals that are healthy at the time of transfer. A purchaser has the right to a full Veterinary examination at his/her expense on any animals to be purchased before they leave here.  Seller reserves the right to delay date of transfer due to any health concern or to error on the side of caution.   
  • We are not responsible for the health of any animal purchased from us after it leaves the farm unless we are presented with a Vet’s official statement that the animal in question had a condition prior to transfer (excluding hidden defects).
  • The risk of loss transfers to new owners once the animal leaves our farm.
  • We guarantee our goats are free of CAE, CL and Johnnes, but you must test for this within one week of them arriving at your place for this guarantee.
  • We do annual testing of our goats for CAE, CL, and Johnnes.  However, we do not maintenance worm as we feel that creates a resistance.  We only worm if they show symptoms and after a fecal analysis providing information on the correct wormer to use.  We take pride in the fact that we breed for “heartiness”.  We will not breed goats that are fragile or have constant health/worm issues for fear of passing it down to offspring.  We treat any ailment as naturally as we can, but believe there is a time and place for “western medicine” practices.

What will my new babies have had as far as health care?

  • The dams of kids are vaccinated for CD&T approximately 30 days prior to kidding.
  • At  3 days – 2 weeks old, they are disbudded if they are not polled.
  • Kids will receive Bovi-Sera and BoSe before leaving the farm.

If still on our farm:

  • At 5-6 weeks old, they receive their first CD&T vaccination and are typically tattooed (unless unregistrable or leaving as an unregistered wether).
  • At 8-9 weeks old, they receive their last CD&T booster.
  • Wethers will be castrated at 8-10 weeks old.
  • They have been fed alfalfa hay and free choice minerals.
  • We do not “pre-treat” for coccidiosis in symptom-free kids, but do highly recommend that the new owners treat for it after transfer.  All goats carry this, and stress (specifically during weaning or a move) can create a “bloom”.
  • It is common for moved/shipped kids get “shipping fever” after arriving in their new home, due to stress, etc.  Always watch your new arrivals for runny nose, eyes, or loose stools.  And please consult a vet as needed!  We have many, many years of experience in goats and their health, but are NOT vets.  We can offer basic advice and suggestions, but always recommend that you consult a vet.  We can make local recommendations.